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“I will shake Israel to and fro through all nations as a sieve is shaken to and fro, and not one pebble falls to the ground”  (Amos 9:9. New English Bible)

Light is now breaking on the whereabouts of the Throne, so without further suspense, let us see what we can discover about the fate of the HOUSE OF ISRAEL
and that BIG BITE taken out of the HOUSE OF JUDAH by their ASSYRIAN captors.

Did they sit in miserable contemplation when they saw the power of their conquerors decline rapidly in the next century? On the contrary.When conflicts began to rage between the rising empire of Babylon and Assyria, they made good their ESCAPE, beginning their long trek by crossing the Euphrates.

In scattered bands they moved north of the Black Sea in the Crimean region, while others moved down into Asia Minor. Their escape is confirmed by the prophet ESDRAS in the APOCRYPHA:

“These are the ten tribes which were led away out of their own land in the time of Hosea the king, whom Shalmaneser the king of the Assyrians led away captive; and carried them beyond the river (Euphrates) into another land. But they took counsel among themselves that they would leave the multitude of the heathen and go forth into a further country where never mankind dwelt, that they might there keep their statutes which they had not kept in their own land.” (II Esdras 13:39-44)

Here is no mention of a return to the Holy Land, but the will to go further afield which Esdras describes as taking a “year and a half”. He mentions their passing through a region called AR-SERETH. The River Sereth is marked on ancient biblical maps.

Why then do many of our historians lose them on their long trek across Europe? Because foreigners did not call them “Israel”. They were known as GHIMRI and KUMRI by the Assyrians and Babylonians – a name derived from one of their notable kings, OMRI. The Persians knew them as SAKAE and the Greeks as SCYTHIANS – Scythian means “wanderer” and this name has been applied to other peoples as well as Israel. The SAKAE also became known as the SAXONES, which is a form of SAACSONS or SONS OF ISAAC (ancient Hebrew has no vowels.)

Consequently, we must seek them from ancient historians and classical writers for the names listed. The astounding fact is, that our English historians and ethnologists, in their search for the origins of the ANGLO-SAXON-CELTIC race, pick them up in the CRIMEAN region, the very spot where the Apocrypha leaves them. There is no time gap, for they find the origins of the Anglo-Saxons in the SAME districts, and the SAME century that ISRAEL disappeared. Any amateur detective would have no difficulty in putting two and two together, but always there is this CURIOUS BLINDNESS.

Only a brief account is given here, but modern Assyriology and the work of archeologists have been helpful in tracing the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF
.(Those who wish to pursue this search should refer to Josephus, Sharon Turner, the historian; Huxley, Rawlinson, Bruce Hannay, Sir A. Keith, as well as classical writers such as Diodorus, Herodotus, Homer and Strabo.)

God’s Secret
In a miraculous manner, God’s secret has been kept. Even the Jews of those times lost track of the House of Israel.Their ancient tradition speaks of a legendary river called SAMBATlON, and that the ten lost tribes dwelt safely behind its barrier.

Amazing as it seems, the Celtic expansion from Central Europe in the year B.C.390, included an attack on early Rome. They settled for two hundred years in northern Italy; others known as the GAULS or GALATIANS, after invading Greece in 279 B.C. migrated to Asia Minor. (This is worthy of note in studying St.Paul’s missionary journeys.) Later, most of these people moved west into France and thence to Britain.

Doubtless many pockets of Israelites remained behind in the lands through which they passed, and it is possible that some of the 20th century’s migrants to our Commonwealth nations and the United States could be of Israel stock.

Wave After Wave Into the Isles of the Sea
In the centuries that followed, wave after wave of Israelites with new names and speaking different languages, exactly in accordance with the prophecies, reached the ISLES OF THE WEST, where they were to grow into a “NATION AND COMPANY OF NATIONS” colonising the waste places of the earth, and sending forth missionaries to preach the Gospel to all nations.

In the Divine Purpose, commerce and trade was a means to an end – to clear the way for the greatest gift to mankind – the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ.

The waves of Israelites beat upon the shores of the Britarnnic Isles under many names -Hibernians, Danaans, Scots, Picts, Britons, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Celts, Frisians, and last of all, Normans. All were of the same stock, according to authoritative experts. In this way, unknown to herself, Israel was re-formed in the PREPARED PLACE, and from this nation also went out the nucleus of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAMANASSEH – the Thirteenth tribe.

The name “BRITISH” is a giveaway, for despite the efforts of opponents to give it another derivative, the name itself is HEBREW for “COVENANT MAN”. “BRTH” means Covenant, and “ISH” means Man. Remember also that Israel was to be called by a NEW NAME (Isaiah 62:2) and the Abrahamic Promise states, “In ISAAC shall thy seed be called.” thus, SAAC’S SONS or SAXONS.

Dan The Serpent’s Trail
DAN is likened to a serpent’s trail in Genesis 49:17, and as a pioneer of Israel’s migrations, his tribe was outstanding. He left his mark wherever he moved. Having split into three sections, the first migrating to Greece and thence to Ireland; the second, following centuries later; and the third, or northern colony of Danites, who were among the Assyrian captives, travelled by the overland route with the rest of the tribes.

Their Father’s Name
Oh those Bible critics who think they know so much and miss every clue God has given us! DAN had a habit of calling every place where he settled by the name of their father, “DAN” (Joshua 19:47, Jeremiah 31:21; Judges 18:11,12) So as Israel was told to “set up WAYMARKS” on her western journey, we can follow their progress through this characteristic of the Tribe of Dan.

Dans: Dons: Duns
DAN, after the tribe’s escape from captivity, first settled in the land west of the Black Sea, where they called the rivers DNieper, DNiester, and the DON. Further waymarks are found in DANau, DANinn, the DANaster, the DANdari, the DANube, DENmark, UDON, EriDON, DANes. In the Britannic Isles, they set up further marks with DUNdee, DUNraven in Scotland. DANS, DONS and DUNS are prolific in Ireland – DONegal, LonDONderry, DUNglow, DANsower and many others.

To summarise, we might say that Israel was not exactly LOST but had become INCOGNITO. Doubtless, many remembered their descent, for even as late as A.D.1634 references are found in literature identifying the Anglo-Saxons with ancient Israel. The knowledge could well have been taken for granted in early times but become obscured with the passing of the centuries.

Israel – A Christian Nation
Although at this stage only nominally CHRISTIAN, yet our institutions are basically Christian and this is acknowledged in Parliament which precedes its business with the LORD’S PRAYER.

The Creator Enters His Creation
The enormity of the burden which Jesus carried cannot be fully realised.
He had to resemble his brothers in every respect, in order to prove a merciful and faithful high priest, to expiate the sins of the people. (Hebrews 2:17) The success of God’s Plan depended entirely on HIS FINISHED WORK. Upon his shoulders rested the full responsibility of “PERFORM(ING) THE MERCY PROMISED TO OUR FATHERS AND TO REMEMBER HIS HOLY COVENANT- THE OATH HE SWARE UNTO ABRAHAM.” (Luke 1:72)

It had to be by WAY OF THE CROSS – the death of the TESTATOR to make the WILL AND TESTAMENT valid for the heirs. His time was limited to three short years in which to train his disciples and to prepare for the great work ahead of the HOLY SPIRIT.

This was the only way for the Creator – He FOR whom and BY whom the universe exists – to penetrate his fallen creation. One of the most perceptive descriptions is that of C.S. Lewis in “Miracles”:

“We, in this planet’s atmospheric depths can only dimly apprehend the Love, which at so great cost, buys the whole world for the sake of his treasure – the WOMAN-ISRAEL. (See Matthew 13:44). Wherever his “sheep” were scattered, they were to be assembled in the APPOINTED PLACE for the work of the SPIRIT, yet to be manifested nationally.”

“Then shall they know that I am the LORD their God, which caused them to be led into captivity among the heathen: but I have gathered them unto their own land …for I have poured out MY SPIRIT UPON THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL… “(Ezekiel 39:28,29)

The Green Olive Tree
The lovely symbol of Israel was “A GREEN OLIVE TREE” as, when St. Paul refers to the “grafting in of a wild olive branch” and the “breaking off” of another, we need to be clear that THE OLIVE TREE itself is TWELVE TRIBED ISRAEL, gaining nourishment from its hidden root – CHRIST. With the captivity of Ten -tribed Israel, nearly all the OLIVE TREE’S branches were broken off. Only Judah remained, and with their rejection of the Messiah they were broken off.

In St. Paul’s day, it was only the ISRAEL REMNANT that formed the NEW OLIVE TREE; the rest were yet to be found. This was the secret work of the Lord – its reconstitution in the Prepared Place.

The Stone of Destiny
If we should visit Westminster Abbey (Ed. note: now Edinburgh) and view the weather-beaten stone in the seat of the Coronation Chair, it would seem like a DREAM to hear the guide informing us that it was reputed to be “JACOB’S PILLOW”.

On the first night of Jacob’s exile, he slept under the stars with a stone for a pillow, and DREAMED a remarkable dream of a ladder to heaven with angels ascending and descending. It was there that God CONFIRMED TO HIM THE BIRTHRIGHT.

“God descends to re-ascend. He comes down; down from the heights of ABSOLUTE BEING into time and space, down Into humanity… down to the very roots and sea-bed of the Nature he has created. But he goes down to come up again and BRING THE WHOLE RUINED WORLD UP WITH HIM… or like a diver rushing down into black and cold water, down through increasing pressure into the deathlike regions. . . then up again, back to colour and light, his lungs almost bursting, till suddenly he breaks surface again, holding in his hand the dripping precious thing that he went down to recover. “

Jacob must have taken the stone with him into Egypt for he mentions it in his blessing of Joseph as “the shepherd, the STONE OF ISRAEL.” It was later carried in all Israel’s journeys until it was placed in Solomon’s Temple where it was used as a “pillar of witness,” and all the kings of David’s line were crowned ON it or BESIDE it, as the shout went up, “GOD SAVE THE KING.” – (II Kings 11: 12-14)

In Joshua we read that he set up a “stone” by the sanctuary as a “WITNESS” for it hath HEARD ALL THE WORDS OF THE LORD.(Joshua 24:27) No other stone but JACOB’S could have heard the confirmation of the BIRTHRIGHT to Jacob, which was the basic Covenant on which all of Israel’s hopes were based.

Rock of Ages
The stone in the Coronation Chair has a CRACK which has almost rent its solid mass asunder. Could this “stone” be the ROCK which Moses struck to bring forth water for the thirsty people? Angry with their complainings, Moses, instead of “SPEAKING TO THE ROCK” as commanded, SMOTE THE ROCK TWICE.

As the ROCK was figurative of CHRIST and had a deep spiritual significance, Moses was denied entrance to the Promised Land. When the King of Babylon sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple, he took all the golden vessels to Babylon. But what use would the conqueror have for a weather-beaten old stone? Yet it would mean a great deal to Jeremiah for he had in his charge the Royal Princesses, one of whom was heir to the Davidic Throne and, as was the custom, would be crowned upon it.What more natural than that Jeremiah rescued the Stone took it with him to Egypt and thence to Ireland?

It was later taken to Scotland by Fergus II, of the blood royal of Ireland, and was deposited in Scone. To the dismay of the Scots, Edward the First of England seized the stone and brought it to the Abbey where he had a special chair made for it. The Scots tried hard to get it back without success, though an abortive attempt was made in the 20th century. (Ed. note: the Stone is now in Edinburgh.)

There is a legend, “If Fates go right, where’er this stone is found, the Scots shall monarchs of that realm be found.” It came true for the Crowns of England and Scotland were united in James VI of Scotland who became James I of Great Britain. The Scots claim descent from JUDAH in a Document in the Register House in Edinburgh, with the seal of Robert the Bruce and his nobles.

God and My Birthright
The Kingdom message covers so many branches of knowledge on which the Scriptures act as a SEARCHLIGHT, that it is a great help in this decade when traditions and standards are falling all around us. It adds to the Christian’s armoury.

It is an astonishing feat, however, to put the whole TRUTH IN A NUTSHELL – yet this was achieved in the design of the ROYAL COAT OF ARMS which belongs, not only to the Monarch, but to the nation.

Lion and the Unicorn
Britain’s emblem has always been the King of the Beasts – the LION, which represents our own monarch. But there is also a CROWNED LION ABOVE THE THRONE which is a figure of the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH – one of the titles of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. The UNICORN is an ox with horns drawn in profile – another of Israel’s symbols. Balaam likened Israel to a UNICORN, also Moses said “He will push the people together to the ends of the earth” with these horns.

The Broken Chain
Perhaps most significant is the BROKEN CHAIN around the neck of the Unicorn. It is the sign of the BROKEN BONDAGE from Egypt. A sure identity mark.

Lion Rampant
Within the shield, on top right hand corner is the LION RAMPANT. There is a SCARLET THREAD around it – the sign of Judah’s twin son ZARAH, the one upon whom the midwife tied the Scarlet Thread. The Zarah line who entered Ireland early in Israel’s history, and was later united with the PHAREZ line in the marriage of Princess Tamar-Tephi with the then King of Ireland.

When James VI of Scotland became James the First of Great Britain in 1603, it was the uniting under one king of all the Israel tribes – JUDAH and ISRAEL. This fulfilled Ezekiel’s prophecy:

The Shield
Protection is symbolised here. “Fear not Abraham, I am thy SHIELD and thy exceeding great reward.”

Six Young Lions
Represent the COMPANY or COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS. The RED DRAGON is doing his utmost to divide the English-speaking world.

The Harp of David
On the shield in the bottom left hand corner is the HARP OF DAVID held by a WOMAN – the WOMANISRAEL. What romance is here! It is the same harp which Tamar-Tephi brought to Ireland – the heir of the Kings of Israel – the harp which belonged to sweet singer of Israel, King David, the Psalmist.

The Mantle and the Holy Spirit
Cover the Coat of CLOVEN TONGUES OF FIRE. Here is ELIJAH’S MANTLE through which he performed miracles. It also signifies the HOLY SPIRIT at Pentecost, which is yet to be poured out on ALL ISRAEL in the LAST DAYS.

The Helmet and the Crown
Spiritual warfare is seen in the figure of the HELMET. The Crown surmounting it is the monarch’s which has the SAME TWELVE JEWELS as those worn on the breastplate of the high priests of Israel. On the top of the Crown is the ORB and on top of that is the CROSS.

Evil Is To Him Who Evil Thinks
Round the shield is the circle of the ORDER OF THE GARTER (note the Buckle), “HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE,” or “Evil is to him who evil thinks,” – a paraphrase of God’s words to Abraham, “Cursed be he that curseth thee.”(Genesis 12:3)

The Buckler
“He (God) is a BUCKLER to all that trust in him.” (2 Samuel 22:31). A beautiful symbol for the whole Coat of Arms is bound with the only BUCKLER which can guarantee permanency.

God and My (Birth) Right
“I will make them one nation upon the mountains of Israel, and one king shall be king to them all, and they more be two nations, neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all.” (Ezekiel 37:22)

Finally, to resolve all doubts, is the scroll at the base, “DIEU ET MON DROIT,”“GOD AND MY RIGHT” – and what is that RIGHT but my right of BIRTH?

The Royal Coat of Arms, being a NATIONAL possession, confirms the BIRTHright of TRUE ISRAEL. It is also the answer to those who regard ELECTION as somewhat of a mystery.

Election of RACE has become ELECTION BY GRACE – the same clay as ancient Israel has been remoulded into a NEW VESSEL by the Divine Potter.

So there, in the Royal Coat of Arms, we have the whole story in a NUTSHELL – and yet there is more to come.

The Tender Twig and the Thistle
The QUEEN MOTHER’S Coat of Arms identifies the ZARAH – SCARLET THREAD line most clearly. As a descendant of Robert the Bruce of Scotland, the Queen Mother’s shield has the LION RAMPANT surrounded by the SCARLET THREAD OF ZARAH.

The exciting symbolism is, that on top of the Crown Her Majesty is presenting the SCOTCH THISTLE, while beside her are two TENDER TWIGS OF THE CEDAR TREE (DAVID’S ROYAL HOUSE.)

But what means the THISTLE? In II Kings 14:9, the King of Israel, seeking a wife for his son, sends to the King of Judah this request:

“The THISTLE that was in Lebanon sent to the CEDAR that was in Lebanon saying GIVE THY DAUGHTER TO MY SON TO WIFE.” (The seed of the King of Israel is likened to the THISTLE – possibly because the northern House of Israel was a thorn in the side of the Judaic kings.)

So all the links of Ezekiel’s Parable (Chapter 17:22, 23 concerning the whereabouts of the CEDAR TREE) have been joined together.

Three times already has the Throne been overturned, from Jerusalem to Ireland, from Ireland to Scotland, and from Scotland to England, where it will remain UNTIL HE COMES WHOSE RIGHT IT IS. Then we may expect a fourth OVERTURNING TO JERUSALEM where, in a significant passage, we read:

“Jerusalem will be inhabited again IN HER OWN PLACE.” (Zechariah 12:6)

Therefore, if Jerusalem is not now in her own place, she must be elsewhere. Could it be WESTMINSTER where our monarchs are crowned?