The Official Journal of the Ensign Trust, London





We live in momentous times.

This is a time of great darkness. It is also a time of great opportunity to shine forth the glory of God.

Events in the Middle East are hurtling planet earth towards a Third World War. It looks like the prophecy in Isaiah chapter 17 will soon come to pass i.e. Damascus will become a ruinous heap.

This is not the time to be a slacker if you are a believer. The Middle East conflagration could quickly escalate into a global conflict and, if Russia and China get involved, this means we could literally be under direct and imminent threat of nuclear attack.

For those of us who remember the Cold War, with the TV warnings and the siren drills, it will seem strange going back to times when being wiped out by nuclear explosion was a real fear for many.

In our fellowship here in Glasgow, some have had dreams and visions of awful events happening. They all seem to point to a nuclear attack. I myself had a very profound dream where I saw the terrible results of an attack from the air here in Scotland which could only possibly be a thermonuclear explosion.

Now it has to be said we are not gloom and doom people. We are very much people of robust faith and positive folks. We are looking to God for a mighty revival and total reformation of society. We are believers, not fearers!

But sometimes you just have to be honest. It has to be remembered that many other people from credible backgrounds, both in B.I. and the Christian mainstream, have had terrible visions of great disasters coming to America and the world.

We preach grace, mercy and love but we all must remember there is another side. Sadly, many who are presently preaching grace and mercy are telling us now that there is no other side, that God does not judge in this dispensation. Well, they have to airbrush quite a lot of the Bible out to get that idea afloat. And not just the Old Testament.

We also must remember that God’s judgment on Babylon requires of us as believers to heap the double on her and rejoice in her fall. Sadly, today’s Babylonian Christians would probably send food parcels and tweet messages of support for God’s stricken enemy. That’s if they are not included in her downfall, it has to be said.

When it all comes down to it, we are poised at this momentous time between two possible futures, one of great revival, restoration and reformation or one of horrific disaster and judgment. In reality, it will be both. Remember that God’s light arises in times of gross darkness.

My own ministry is to Britain and I can only answer to God for that. So my responsibility is to implore God for mercy but allow Him to fulfill His own purpose in our land. If that involves times of great tribulation and even the manifestation of the portents of disaster many are seeing, then so it must be.

Being a Christian and being a British Israelite carries with it an awesome responsibility. You can pretend all you want that when bad things happen to nations it is because the people there are reaping what they themselves have sown. Of course, that is true but it is only one side of the truth. The other reason judgment comes to nations is because of the Lord’s Prayer.

Remember the heart of this prayer is: Thy Kingdom come; Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.

When you really push God with the Lord’s Prayer, He answers it. He answers it by its own terms. He removes the stuff on earth that isn’t present in heaven. That includes bad people, bad leaders, bad systems, bad stuff.

Now this can be accomplished by revival and reformation. But what happens when people dig in and refuse to hear the Word of God?

In other words, sooner or later – IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER – God will answer the Lord’s Prayer.

When you think about it, the Second Advent of Jesus Christ is the ultimate answer to this prayer.

To many who are picking things up from the Holy Spirit, this is not a business-as-usual time, if ever there is or was such a time. This is a time when God’s people need to really be God’s people, rejecting the circus of distractions thrown up by the world to keep us from our God-ordained purpose.

Will my terrifying vision, which really shook me up I have to say, come to pass i.e. will there be nuclear warheads exploding in Britain? Or was it just a warning?

I will only say this: if it wasn’t just a warning, it was certainly a warning.

And events in Syria are a potent reminder of how momentous the times are we live in. According to scholars, Damascus – a very ancient city – has never been a ruinous heap. This makes Isaiah’s prophecy yet future at this time. There is also a prophecy in Jeremiah chapter 49 which speaks of the ruin of Aleppo. This is presently happening.

It is an amazing thing to behold when you watch the news reports come in about the civil war that has now reached Damascus, realising that this, the oldest continually inhabited city on earth – a city that survived the four world empires of Daniel’s vision, as well as the Crusades, two world wars and the Israeli conflict – could soon be the ruinous heap foretold by the Prophet Isaiah.

We do, indeed, live in momentous times.

And if these things do not drive you to seek the Lord more earnestly than ever before, dear friend, what on earth will?

With grateful thanks to Pastor Ken Davidson for his marvellous message on the Syrian conflict and its relevance.   End