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“Those who do not learn  from  history  are doomed to repeat the same process again.

It is most evident  that our people  have not learned and comprehended that the Most High has chastened and punished His people in past  times,  by bringing an invasion with heathen and alien strangers into their lands. We are witnessing this same  punishment today, not only in America,  but in all of the Israel nations. In this nation, we have alien peoples coming across both of our borders, and surely  most prevalent across our southern border. We further have an increasing invasion from the third-world  countries in the Orient and   Africa, from those  who come  here  on  a temporary travel or student visa and then overstay.

Our inept, and what I would consider, ignorant leaders, don’t  seem to be able, or perhaps don’t want to stem this tide of human  refuse. The inability of many Christians  to discern the differences of peoples has led  to increasing concerns and  even physical confrontation in  many instances.  Although this “invasion” is not of a military style, it will ultimately lead to the same conclusions.

Let’s be honest  about  the fact that this nation (and all of the Israelite  nations of the world)  have sunk  to levels of moral conduct and depravity. All manner of violence, abortion, ethical behavior, etc., are prevalent and, to a large degree, accepted. We pay “lip service” to our God, but He is not found within our hearts. We claim to be Christians, but we ignore the Word of our God, and His laws. Can God accept this?

During the times of David and Solomon,  Israel was a powerful  nation  to be reckoned with. But even  at that time, our  Israelite  forefathers strayed  from our God. The patience of the Most High became exhausted as every generation continued to become more perverted and sinful.

Finally, in the  years of circa 732-700  BC, the Almighty brought the armies of the Assyrian empire against the northern kingdom of Israel  and  the southern kingdom  of Judah (with  the exception of Jerusalem) and  took  our forefathers captive. Approximately 120 years later, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took Jerusalem captive and removed the inhabitants to  Babylon. Please  note that these invasions were  deemed as punishment for the sins of the people and their leaders.

Do we  not  find ourselves in the  same situation today?

Our people, and  our leaders, just appear to love sin despite what they may spew from the mouth. The prophet Isaiah has said it well in 10:6

“I  will  send  him  [the  Assyrian] against an hypocritical nation, and against the people of my wrath will I give him  a charge, to take  the  spoil, and  to  take  the  prey, and  to  tread  them down like the mire of the  streets”.

Further, we read  in Isaiah 1: 7:

“Your  country is desolate; your  cities  are burned  fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and  it  is  desolate, as  overthrown by strangers.”

In Deuteronomy 28: 43-44, we are warned about allowing  the “stranger” to get above  us, and  yet we see  “strangers” above  us today, and we  have come down  to a very low  point  of existence. Read  all of Deuteronomy 28 which is referred to as the “blessings and curses” chapter.

Consider well the ramifications of this “invasion” that will result in a destruction of many. We hear about 12 million “illegals” that are currently  in this country, but the truth is that nobody  knows  just how  many of these  aliens  are  in the  country.  Based  upon  some reliable sources, we have been able to ascertain that the  true  number may be closer  to 20 to 30 million, and  don’t forget  that every  day sees hundreds and thousands more. We can envision the miscegenation that will take place in the years ahead in conflict with God’s “kind after kind” statute.

There are those  who claim  that “we  are a nation of immigrants,” and that may be true, but we were a nation of “one people.” It didn’t  make  any difference whether the original immigrants were  from England, Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland,  or  other such countries-they  were of  Israel   stock. The  same cannot be said of recent  immigrants, especially  those who arrived here illegally.

Don’t you think that Almighty God could stop this invasion  if  He so desired. Of course, He could.  So, then  it becomes obvious that  the Almighty doesn’t want  this  invasion to cease. It is being  used  as  a punishment against Israel America because we have forgotten  just who  our  heavenly  Father  is, and  we delight in breaking His commandments and laws.

I  don’ t know  just how  it will happen , but we  do know  that the time will come when the  Most High will rectify this matter.  In Isaiah 13: 13-16, we read:

“Therefore I will  shake the  heavens, and  the earth  shall  remove out  of her  place, in the  wrath of the  Lord  of hosts, and  in the  day  of his   fierce anger. And it shall  be as the  chased roe, and  as a sheep that no man taketh up; they shall every man turn  to  his  own people, and   flee every one  into his  own land. Every  one  that is  found shall be thrust through; and  every one that is joined unto them  shall   fall by  the  sword. Their  children also shall be dashed to pieces  before their eyes;  their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”

We must  repent of our grievous  and  sinful ways, and cry out to our God for help. We are told in Isaiah 59: 19:

“So shall they   fear the  name of the  Lord  from the  west, and  his glory  from the  rising of the  sun. When the  enemy shall come in  like  a  flood, the Spirit of the  Lord shall lift  up a standard against him.”

We are seeing the enemy coming in like a flood, and  we  ask  our  Father  to  terminate and  end  this invasion.  The Lamentations of Jeremiah (4:15) also speaks of the fact that the heathen are to eventually leave.

We wonder just how long Israelite Americans and Israelites worldwide will remain somewhat oblivious to  this  situation. There does appear  to  be  an awakening to this situation, and we also wonder what will happen when our kinsmen realize  the  truth  of the matter. Keep your fidelity to your beliefs  and history. Read  the Scriptures. And most  importantly, pray for our Israelite  people that the blinders may be removed from their eyes.  AMEN.

[ENSIGN  editor’s comments – This is also happening in the UK]