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A common error  in  referring   to  Finnish  origins assumes a Khazarian and a Turko-Finnish affiliation. Its origin stems  from the false hopes  and  deceptions of Jewish authors with an axe to grind-for themselves.

Several Jewish scholars  believe that the present day Jews derive primarily from the Ashkenazic Khazars, a feudal tribe that moved into central  Russia and the Ukraine from east  of the  Urals around  260 BC. They subsequently converted to Babylonian Talmudic Judaism in 740 AD. Then, following the rise to power of the Russians  and  the movements of the Huns, these Khazars were driven westward into Eastern Europe and western  Russia around the mid 131h  century. They were Turkic-Mongol in derivation  and  admittedly  were  the source  of over 90% of today ‘s Ashkenazic Jews. (See Arthur Koestlers, The Thirteenth Tribe and The Jews of Khazaria by Kevin A. Brook)

The error of identification  made  by these scholars and that of other  Jewish  writers – that is, to apply the term “Turko-F’innish” to the genetic bockground of these Khazars, must be refuted.

Yes, these  Khazars were  “Turko” in derivation, but absolutely not  “Finnish”. This  is an error of commission: its origin  and promotion  stems  from Khazarian-Jew authors,  and  is  contrived. Early promoters, Dr. Ben Freedman, Yar Davidy, etc, were Jews themselves,  and  needed a White European  nation  to accommodate their  own  convoluted history. They needed  a Christian nation with whom  to affiliate these Khazars,  thus  cloaking  themselves in an  improvised association with a true Semitic Nation, those who were the progeny of Noah’s son, Shem.

Yar Davidy, in his fairly recent book, “The Tribes,” does point to the fact that European Nations certainly do seem to fit the Biblical definitions of the “lost tribes of Israel” and in this regard, he offers considerable supportive comment. But, then he also makes the claim that today’s Jews are in his view, genetically associated with ancient Judah and Israel, but are not Turkic in origin, not Ashkenazic Khazars,  thus  adding to the  confused distortion of their true origins.

Mr. Davidy also  misuses the  term,  “Turko-Finn,applying it to the Khazars whom he denies as being the progenitors of today ‘s Jews, a deviation from the truth. His denial of this Jewish, Khazarian background  is very common among Jews today, for to say otherwise would distort the insidious hoax of the Chosen. That is a false claim that today’s Jews are the rightful recipients of the Biblical Birthright Covenant Promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Israel, and that they, the Jews, are those in whom  these  Promises  were  manifest  over history. Wrong!

Davidy’s use of the expression “Turko-Finnis simply an attempt at fitting into an affiliation with a white Nation that does, however, have direct ties to ancient Israel, as I will show in this paper.

The Jew,  Dr. Ben Freedman is often  touted  as a dedicated  Christian ,   (reportedly  converted   to Catholicism), from his writings. However, this man was deceptive in his actions,  most probably using as cover, the Jewish, Kol Nidre prayer, recited once a year, which pre-absolves a Jew of all deviant actions against others, especially Christians. Its “cloaking aspects” can be used to disguise a seemingly friendly and co-operative attitude with Christians (goyim), while at the same  time, aiding the  deceptions of  Talmudists  dedicated to  the destruction of Christianity-the theme of their Talmud, which is severely anti Christian in content and intent.

The author, Eustace Mullins, had this deceptive treatment surreptitiously applied to him by Dr. Freedman and it may have resulted in his being released from work in the Library of Congress  and  by companies that he worked for later. Freedman, a close friend and associate of Bernard Baruch, probably the most influential Jew of the Franklin Roosevelt administration, was actually working behind the scenes for the ADL and other Jewish groups while seemingly cultivating a friendly association from among Christians.

To some Finns, the Nation of Finland has historically been associated with  the  Israelite  Tribe/ Nation  of Issachar, Jacob’s ninth son, from his first wife, Leah. Job was a son of Issachar. This Tribe’s actions in support of King David against Saul, were instrumental in turning the Kingdom to David. They reportedly are described, who:

..were men that had understanding of the times, to  know   what   Israel  ought  to  do .. and  all  their brethren were  at  their  commandment” (I Chron. 12:32) Are these Biblical comments applicable today?

Another purpose in writing this paper is to point out that the Finns, like the Scots, had been, in far earlier times – Scythians  – an historic Nation,  but relegated to backwaters of history  by an  inordinate control  over media and  publishing  houses  by Jews  fearful of the probability that Scythians might be proven to have come from those  ancient “lost  tribes  of Israel”. This is something  Jewish  Khazars  would  certainly  seek  to dispel, ever hoping to disguise any historic reference to the real members of these “lost tribes of the House of Israel.” (People to whom Jesus stated that He was Only Sent, (Matt. 15:24) and those to whom  He directed  His disciples to Only Go”. (Matthew.10:6)

But, archaeology and other studies are beginning to determine  that this ancient  nation of Scythia was  far more advanced  than we have been led to believe.

When the historic term “Barbarians” is applied to a people, this application was usually done by scholars of the so-called “advanced” civilisations, most of whom displayed  attributes  far more  pagan  and  undesirable than demonstrated by those  northern  Tribes. Biblical history in this regard, would seem  to confirm a how not  to  be”  status on  some of these advancedcivilisations.

When 37 Scottish Chieftains met in 1320 and signed their letter of disassociation with the Catholic Church and  England,  their Letter  of Arbroathcontained a paragraph on their ancestry. It referred  to the Scots as having come  from Scythia, and  earlier, from ancient Israel.

Here are those exceptionally revealing lines from the Letter of Arbroath:

“The which Scottish nation, journeying from Greater Scythia by the Tyrrhene Sea and the Pillars of Heracles, could not in any place or time or manner be overcome by the barbarians, though long dwelling in Spain among the fiercest of them. Coming thence,  twelve hundred years after the transit of Israel, with many victories and many toils they won that habitation in the west, which though  the  Britons  have  been  dnven  out,  the  Picts effaced and the Norwegians ...

There, we can see that the Scots certainly understood their origins and the history of their past.

Similarly, in Finland, the history of their origins and background  is slowly emerging  as well. From an old poem, first published in the Abo Tidningar of the Aurora Society in 1771; its first line reads as follows:

You People of Scythian stock, and the oldest born of the North “. (Fnnish Folk Poetry Epic. Ed.. Matti Kuusi­ Finnish Lit. Society- Helsinki, 1977)

There are a number of other references to cite which confirm the point that the Finns originated near the Tigris­ Euphrates River valleys, and  words  on some  ancient maps still appear with Finnish names: far many to go into detail here.

A book titled, “The Lost Tribes of Israel – Found” by Steven Collins, published about four years ago, provides considerable documentation on Israel; and the late H. W. Armstrong, writing in “The Sword of the Lord” about the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel taken into captivity by the Assyrians between 744 and 721 B.C. states that they were the ancestors of the Europeans,  including  the  Finns. (Actually, all 12 Hebrew tribes were taken-See II Kings 18:13)

Language also can be used to confirm points of similarities among nations of the past. Words carved into the monumental Behistun stone cliff  in  Iran,  in cuneiform inscriptions  in three different languages, provided the key to the decipherment of cuneiform  of other languages of those ancient times.

In the  Finnish  language are  found   parallels, a similarity, to ancient  words  that were  reported  in an article on Finnish ethnology published in  the “Kalevainen” of  1962.  German anthropological researchers, carrying on with Hitler’s racial searches, stated  that the Finns were Germanic peoples. The authors, however, did not understand their  true affiliations with ancient  Israel, as members of the Lost Sheep of the house of Israel!

But one of the most convincing details comes from the Finnish word  for Father, which  is, “Isa” – almost confirming ancient Finnish ties with the Israelite tribe of lssachar. Only Finnish has such a unique word for Father.

There are other, more recently published comments as well. The late Richmond Stuart, in his book, “One of Jacob’s Sons” (Issachar) published by Destiny Publishers, Merrimac,  MA. 01860, discusses the  Israel  Identity movement, and its pre-occupation with the identification of the leading birthright tribes/nations including the House of Joseph and the Sceptre of Judah in the house of David.

Stuart made  the point that Biblically, the children of Israel were not only to become a “company of nations” and “a great people,” but also were to become “many nations.”

(And that they were to “possess the gates of their enemies” the world’s “choke  points.”)  (See, i.e., Gen. 17:6-9, Gen.22:17-18)

His point was that traditional views often overlook the fact that these Biblical Covenants, both old and new, made with the Lord, were assigned to the whole house of Israel and  not solely with the house  of Joseph,  or Judah,  but ultimately with the whole  house  of Jacob/ Israel, the father of all of the Tribes of Israel.

Twelve Tribes (thirteen after  Israel’s  adoption of Joseph’s two sons) made up Israel and they all must be recognised,  even today. In the final analysis, they were separately identified in each  prophetic commentary of Jacob/Israel  as recorded in Genesis  49, where  Jacob/ Israel says: “Gather  yourselves together, that  I may tell you that which shall befall you in the last days”.

The historic movements of Israel were set into motion by the Assyrians, when the last of three invasions took all the Israel Tribes captive in 721 BC, placing  them as a buffer between Assyria and northern pagan nations. Here they remained  as a block against pagan invasions until the demise of Assyria as a power; and when free, they began a north-westward movement into the Caucasus Mountain area. There, these Tribes then became the basis of the subsequent Caucasian nations of Europe.

The  book  of Esdras  contains the  last significant Biblical references to these  Israel nations. In II Esdras 13:39-49 are the words  that confirm that God was yet working with Israel, as He stopped  the rains to permit them to cross the upper reaches of the Euphrates river on their trek through  the Caucasus,  into the Scythian steppes en-route into history – along their ages-long trek into the future – moving to all corners of Europe, from Finland to Ireland, to Spain and Greece. Their subsequent travels under their new name,  Christian,  concluded in North America!

Genesis 49 does outline the future of these separate Tribes/Nations, and  the prophetic interpretations of a number of authors are quite similar in exposition. Here are  the prophetic Biblical comments of Jacob/Israel · relating to his son, Issachar.

‘Issachar  is a strong ass (donkey)  crouching  down between two burdens:’

and he saw that rest was  good, and the land that was  pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became  a servant unto  tribute. (Gen.49: 14-15)

Steven Collins, in discussing these predictions for the Tribe of lssachar,  offers comments about  Issachar’s future in his book, The Ten Lost Tribes-  Found:

“To identify Issachar, we must look for a nation which has a tradition of being quasi-independent (“under tribute”),  located  “between” two stronger  nations  or spheres of influence (the “two burdens”), and dwelling in reasonable peace and  prosperity  (their  “rest  was good, and the land… was pleasant “.

No one would question the impact of its geography on Finland. Collins notes that it has: “long  been in the condition of being  a buffer  zone  between stronger, competing nations. Its history confirms its struggles with both Russia and Sweden, and in both cases, often literally under  “tribute “. But Finland has found  peace  and prosperity “crouching down’ between two burdens, a condition that has led to the term, ‘Finlandization’ “.

Richmond Stuart also points out that events in history have confirmed  an invincibility in all of these  ancient Israel people  that God called His Chosen, as time and again we have seen occur, Divinely inspired, miraculous successes that   would not   normally have been anticipated: from the plain of Jericho to the beaches of Normandy, from the defeat  of the Spanish Armada to the miracle of Dunkirk: God always intervened on behalf of His people. (See Joshua 24:13)

Throughout the  vast  panorama of world  events, Israel’s survival is the recurring  theme  of history with one chapter perhaps less notable than some, only because of its brief duration and diminutive scale among the epic conflicts of the great powers, but nonetheless, each event deserves not to be forgotten.

In Finland we saw one of these miracles by a people militarily led by the “Last Knight  of Europe”  as  Field Marshall Mannerheim  was called. On occasion, while addressing his troops in the field, he would exhort them as follows:

“Sons of lssachar, stand and die, but let only scorched earth fall into the hands of the antichrists “.

For three and one half months  from November 30, 1939, Finland fought the might of the Russian army and amazed the world. How can the secular historian account for the failure of the Russian “blitz” war and the survival of this tiny nation of four million, isolated,  its military outnumbered fifty to one?

History has put Finland into a quiet comer for most of its existence, the prophecy that “he saw that the rest was good, and that the land was pleasant”, would seem to confirm  its historic geographic political status  and the prophetic words of Jacob-Israel.

There are many other prophetic  Biblical comments about Israel, as Israel is the principle focus of the Bible. The Bible is the book For, To, and About, Israel, and any other nations that appear, do so obliquely: only as they came  into contact  with Israel over the centuries: usually unfavourably.

Those ancient historic events at Mt. Sinai, where only these Chosen Israelite people were present (they agreed in contract with God to abide by His Laws) there He put them  under  this Law – and as a consequence, only Israel will be judged by this Law – God is Fair in His dealings with all men.

Some will respond  to these comments with doubt and indifference, so steeped in that new religion, ”Judeo­ Christitianity” that understanding and recognition  will come hard; as the impact from Talmudic “traditions of the elderson many Church doctrines have achieved their purposes  surreptitiously.  Our moral  compasses and the fibre of the faith are now so far off track that it may just be too late for even a mid-course correction. We may just be in trouble, such as a lost aviator could face; a situation  like being out of fuel, altitude and airspeed!  Yet, we  find promised that Jacob  will be saved   out  of  it. Out  of  the  anticipated  Biblical tribulation.  (Jeremiah 30:7. Jacob, of course, went through his “wrestling” before his name was changed to Israel, a “prince  with God”.

“Judea-Christianity” is a misnomer, a true oxymoron as  the content of its principles  are  antithetical; and diametrically opposed, and  yet,  many  “Christians” assume that  Christianity must  relegate itself  to a subordinate status to Judaism, which   in its  basic principles, is severely anti-Christian and always has been. Its Talmud is bitterly worded against Christianity.

But for the doubters and  the fearful, doubt  can be resolved,  as Jesus Himself made these pointed comments that confirm this Chosen status of Israel; telling the Canaanite woman  in Matthew 15:24- “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of lsrael”. Then, as if to cap this point for history, He again reiterates this instruction in addressing His disciples departing on their Mission to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom: “But go rather to the lost sheep of the house  of Israel”. (Matthew 10:6)

Now, let’s return to Jacob/Israel’s comments made in Genesis 49 that relate to the Tribes of Israel. There we can  see  that  the  purpose for  Jacob’s comments confirms that they were  destined to be understood in the “last days”.

History shows  that the Tribes of Israel split into two separate nations  after Solomon,  and  the Bible keeps them  separate – yet  they  are  now  rejoined, as  the prophetic, Two sticksof Ezekiel, in North America. This restoration  reveals as well, the true Judah,  as most of the original people of Judah, also went into the Assyrian captivity in 721 B.C. (See:  II  Kings 18:13) The false claimants  of today however,  the self-styled Jews,  are those whom Jesus termed  the “False Jews” that He identified in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9.

Yes, the Biblical thread of Israel weaves  throughout the Bible and concludes in the “latter day of our modern era, but many Christians are still blinded in part-  to their true Identity. Still, some are awakening, as St. Paul noted, saying: “blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the  time  of the  Gentiles (nations)  be  come  in.” (Romans.  11:25) That the Gentiles of the Bible were, and are Israelites and  still partly  blinded, is now understood!

Like Finland and its ancient association as Issachar, America too, is the final terminus  of that long historic “trek” of all the Tribes of Israel. America contains  the descendants of all the Lost Tribes and it may come as a surprise to many; but that conclusion is justified both by secular  history and in the fulfilment of predicted  Bible history.

Richmond Stuart noted this as fact: “When this conclusion  is admitted and incorporated into the study of  history, history blazes with  the  light  of God’s providential care and leadership of His people  Israel – as real and glorious today as in the days of Moses and David”.

When this conclusion is accepted, the Bible becomes a new, vital, living Book, more interesting in its portrayal of today’s events than the latest newspapers, while God’s plan is seen  to be rapidly nearing completion and His Covenant with Abraham soon to be proven!

So nothing in all the annals of history is more amazing and interesting than God’s dealing with His People, Israel. When it is seen that the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic-Germanic-Scottish-Irish-Scandinavian and kindred races, are today, the Peoples of Israel: those to whom Jesus said that He was only sent, and those to whom  He directed His disciples to only go!

“Remember these,  O Jacob and Israel; for thou art  my  servant I have   formed  thee;  thou  art  my servant: O Israel,thou shalt not be forgotten of me”. (Isaiah 44:21)

“Yet now  hear, O Jacob my servant; and Israel, whom I have chosen…” !sa. 44:1)

“You only have I known of all the  families of the earth” (Amos 3:2)

These  few Israel Truths out of many  in the  Bible, confirm that God has a Plan for this planet, and that He chose the Tribes of Israel to shape it, a people who are yet nationally extant on the earth  today. But, like the prophets of old, this Great Truth  has  met  with indifference, unbelief, and opposition. Of the outspoken opposition, it can  be said that  they  make  excellent converts when their spiritual blindness clears away and they see the Truth for themselves.

When the Truth of lsrael’s Identity is presented, many propose  to pass it all up by saying, Suppose we are Israel. What of it? What difference does it make?

Whether such a statement comes from a flippant or conscientious Christian, that statement assumes serious aspects, and yet few consider its true import. It is with such concern, that I written this paper and for those in whom  its content  and  message ignites interest and a concern for their own status, there is other relevant data available.

J . Richard  Niemela  Col. USAF (Ret)  1776 Wainwright  Drive Reston, VA. 2090.