The Official Journal of the Ensign Trust, London





The previous Archbishop of Canterbury,  now Lord Oystermouth, was  reported to have said  in 2009, ‘It would  not be the end  of the world  if the Church  of England was disestablished.’ As we have previously pointed  out in the  Ensign  Message,  this matter has been  ongoing  for many  years.   There  is little doubt that the government, under  pressure, no doubt  from Brussels,  will bring in a Bill which  will finally sever Church  and  State.   Historically, Church  and  State  in Israel have always been  joined. The rank and file were the ‘Congregation of Israel’. (Exodus  12:6 and verse 19, Leviticus  4:13.)  Thus Church  and  State  in God’s eyes  were, and  are,  the whole nation.  We may be certain that Satan will employ his old tried and tested formula,  ‘divide and rule’.

It was  wisely  pointed out  in the  British Church Newspaper several years ago, that should Church and State separate, we will be in a similar situation as the USA which  cannot officially, as a nation,  petition God in times  of national emergency.  Our Queen on the other  hand,  when  led by the Holy Spirit, can respond by calling the nation to prayer, as did her father during World  War II.  The whole nation is therefore petitioning the  Almighty  to  deal   with  a  national emergency.

Your chaplain has previously mentioned that we, as  individuals, prayer groups, or  churches,  may earnestly pray about any  matter which  affects  the nation;   however, this  is not  the  same as  national corporate prayer.   The church is blind as to its true identity, and  the  unique and  responsible position  it holds in the nation. Today we stand at the threshold of the  Kingdom  Age,  and  at  the  same time  both Church and State are soundly asleep. They both court Europe,   Islam,  Rome  and  Communism to  be  our partners in  order to  bring into being Satan’s counterfeit, the  One World  Order.   Of this  we  are certain, it is not of God.

Two thousand years  ago,  our Lord had a face  to face  confrontation with  His arch enemy, Satan (Matthew  4.)  The key to understanding the present world  situation is clearly  seen in this  chapter.  As Church  and  State  go about their  daily  business  in sleep mode, they have no concept of the power and authority which Satan is wielding in every area of life. Some will say, surely Satan cannot  possibly have such power and authority, God would never allow it. Then how was  it that Satan  was  able  to say to Jesus, “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt  fall down and worship me?”   (Matthew 4:9)   Satan  had the authority  to offer all the kingdoms of the world , and the glory of them  to Christ  (v8)   Why did  he  have such power?  Because he is prince of this world (John 14:30.)  Not was, but is! He is a prince with a passion, not  the  passion of Christ,  but a passion for power, and will not cease until he becomes king.  Although he   actually  knows  this   cannot  come about , nevertheless, in his blind arrogance he still operates as if he will become king. This concept is difficult for many  Christians to comprehend.  Why worry  they say, we believers will be raptured before  the world situation reaches crisis point.  This subject has been dealt  with in previous articles, and  we confirm  that The Ensign Message  does not accept pre-tribulation rapture.

How is it that Satan  is having his own  way at this end time? This is a fundamental question which could occupy several  articles. The short answer is because our  heavenly Father  wants us to be His constant companions in the ages  to come. However,  He has arranged it so  that only those who  have  been  tried and  tested in the fire of affliction  will qualify for that momentous privilege.   That affliction  is supplied by Satan  who was raised  up for that purpose. “I form the light, and  create  darkness: I make peace,  and create  evil;  I the  Lord do all these things” (Isaiah 45:7)

In the ages  to come, the Mighty Creator God will not be surrounded by those  who  are  only there  for the ride!  He only wants those who have made it their business to show their love when the chips are down! Consider how our wonderful Saviour gave His all because He loved the Father unto death.  What greater example could  there  be?  Today, in over fifty nations around the world, thousands are willingly giving their lives because of their great love for their Saviour.  Out of every kindred and every tongue, there will be those who have shown their love to their last breath. What an  amazing example to those  of us who  still have freedom to worship.

We dare not take this freedom for granted.  Already there  have  been  many  cases in Israel  lands  where those  who have stood for Christ in public have been punished.    Such cases will   increase  as more legislation is passed to take away  our  freedom  to preach God ‘s Word.   This is the  time  that  we  have known  would  surely come. This will really sort out those who  are  truly  Christ ‘s  from  those who  are Christians in name only.  The nominal Christian  will slink away and hide  just as did Peter, “But he denied, saying, I know not, neither understand what thou sayest. And he went  out  into the  porch:  and  the cock crew.” (Mark 14:68)  Will we have the courage to stand  and openly  declare our love for our Saviour.  and  Redeemer when that day comes?   We dare  not forget  those  telling  words of Jesus; “He that  is not with  me is against me: and he that  gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.” (Matthew 12:30) There is no half way, there  is no longer  time  to sit on the fence and  idly watch as all comes crashing down.

This is our  final chance to roll up our  sleeves  and fearlessly proclaim  that Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords will soon return  and  rule  over  this world . May that day come soon. Amen.